Will doing body rolling help me loose weight?

The back routine stimulates all the nerve roots along the spine.  In turn, these nerve roots stimulate the function of most of our vital organs.  The abdominal routines stimulate the organs and glands directly.  Both these forms of stimulation increase circulation (which boosts metabolism) and encourage lymphatic drainage (which reduces fluid buildup). Putting direct pressure into the digestive organs also helps them function better, so your elimination and digestion improve.  All these factors help you loose weight.


How does body rolling keep me in shape?

Body rolling increases blood circulation to muscles; frees up muscle restrictions; increases range of motion and flexibility; improves posture; and develops musculoskeletal strength and integrity.


Why is body rolling good to do regularly?

Body rolling helps break the negative postural patterns that we all have developed and prevents us from developing new ones.  Because it maintains the health, integrity, circulation, tone , and flexibility of the muscles and keeps the skeletal structure well-aligned, it prevents us from developing restrictions as we age.


Is it dangerous to do too much?  How much do you recommend doing in one week?

Is it safe to do body rolling at home if I have a particular problem?

Body rolling cannot harm you if you do it frequently-as long as you practice it correctly, using the right type of ball, following the order of the routines as instructed, and observing the cautions given.